Friday, February 21, 2014

Exploring Different Methods to Convert docx to doc

Every typical computer user comes to a point where they are unable to simply convert a file they need to use without downloading new software. From a convenience standpoint, this is simply unacceptable. This is especially the case when using an older version of Microsoft Word. In a ploy to convince users of older computers to purchase new software, Microsoft invented a form of word document file known as docx, which can be next to impossible to accurately convert, even with an opensource program such as Open Office. By learning more about how to convert docx to doc, avoiding such issues should be achievable in no time at all.

Download Open Office or A Compatibility Package for MS Word
When it comes to converting from docx to doc on a regular basis, it may be advantageous to download either an add on for Microsoft Word or Open Office, a free office program suite. In either case, however, it can take a lot of time and effort to ensure that the download is incorporated correctly. Here is the main disadvantage from a user perspective. Many people who do not feel the need to purchase Microsoft Office software will quickly find that the popular free alternative Open Office is unable to correctly convert docx to doc. It typically results in skewed formatting, which is completely unacceptable from a professional perspective. If you have already purchased Microsoft Office software, it may be practical to download the conversion add on, however, this can take time which may not be available in the instance that a conversion needs to occur (think office politics.)

The Convenience of Online Conversion
Nothing is more straightforward and convenient than the service provided at Take the time to contact us if you have any questions about converting docx to doc.

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