Friday, July 4, 2014

Why You Should Convert Files to Docx

It is quite possible that you have come across a Docx file on your computer at one point in time. If you use a newer version of Microsoft Word, you will most likely have seen this format of file. It is a useful extension for quite a few reasons, and the only real negative comes in the fact that versions of Microsoft Word that are older than 2007 cannot open this file extension. However, this only applies to an incredibly small percentage of population for Microsoft Word users.

Better Compression and Reduced File Size
Because Docx is based on XML, there is better compression compared to other file extensions. It is an outstanding way to preserve space on your computer, cloud storage, or business network. Although it would take thousands of Docx files to maximize the storage space on a large hard drive, being able to save a certain percentage of space with each file can make an enormous difference in the long run.

Compatible with Several Word Processors
While there may be issues with Microsoft Word 2003 and older, Microsoft Word 2007 and newer are perfect for using Docx files. If you need to convert files to Docx, newer computers and networks are the best places to do so as you will be ensured these extensions can be used in every situation. For those that are using other word processors, such as Open Office, this is not an issue as this file extension can also be opened with this particular word processor

Quick to Open Documents
If you are attempting to work as quickly as possible, you cannot go wrong with Docx files as they are opened rather quickly. It is an excellent option compared to previous ones that did not allow individuals to open documents at such a fast pace.

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