Monday, July 8, 2013

Docx to Doc Conversion Made Simple

One of the hardest parts of technology advancing, is that sometimes the new technology and the old technology do not sync up perfectly. For example, if you have a newer version of Microsoft Word, it automatically saves in docx format. Now, this is fine for you with your new version of Word, but what if you need to share it with someone who has an older version? If you send someone with an old version of Word the file in docx, they will not be able to open it on their old version until they can find a way to convert that docx to doc. This can create major issues in getting work done.

Once the person with the older version of Microsoft Word gets that docx file, they then have to waste valuable time scouring the internet for some way to convert the file to a format their version of Word can read. Even worse, even if they download a file conversion application to their computer, it still doesn’t work all the time because it can have limitations on the types of files it can convert. Then the person has to go searching for another conversion software and waste even more time. But what if it didn’t have to be this way? is simple, and free, online tool that allows you to convert more than 150 different types of files, including docx to doc. It makes transferring your files quick, and simple, and it easy to use. It eliminates the need to download multiple applications and expansions onto your computer in order to transfer all of the different types of files you need, because it has the ability to transfer them all on one website.

By simply adding to your favorites, you can click, convert, and get to work. You can even transfer confidential files knowing all of your files are safe and secure, because uses the same data protection software found in banks.

If you have any questions about how works, or if you want to give using the website a try, contact us.

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