Thursday, July 25, 2013

Make PDF Files to Add Value To Your Business Website

Have you ever tried to convert a PDF file you received into a file you can edit? Have you ever wished you could make pdf files for your own purposes?  It can be an arduous and confusing job with very poor results. Now you can easily and quickly make the switch with free software from

A pdf file, or Portable Document Format file, is an electronic file in which all the formatting, text, fonts, graphics, and layout, remains the same no matter which computer or operating system is used. Any incompatibilities between various word processing software programs do not influence the look of the document.

Besides knowing that your website information appears the same to every viewer, there are a variety of other reasons why a business would want to create pdf files to use on their website. Here are just six of them.
  • Customers do much of their research for a new product or service on the web these days. The more information you provide them, the more they respect you and your business. You must appear knowlegeable and open with your knowledge.
  • Create a guide for your customers to download that will give them the resources they need to make a buying decision. This positions you as a leader in your field. Clients will more likely return to you to buy when they have your document at their fingertips and they have referred to it for information.
  • Offer survey results if that is something that would persuade viewers to purchase your service or product. It may be a survey your company has performed, or results from an industry survey.
  • Provide the forms your customers may need, such as a form for a free consultation or a contact form. Keeping these forms identical will make it easier for you to tabulate them.
  • You want your viewers to have uniform information that will retain the look and concept that you feel will best inform them and persuade them to buy your product.
  • Provide a tips guide that will suggest ways to use your product, ideas for your industry, or suggestions for improving your customer's businesses.
Using PDF files in these types of way will help engage your website viewers and persuade them to become your customers.  When you have your documents ready, contact us to discover how simple the free conversion process can be.  Our method is secure and uses encrypted transmissions similar to banks and credit card companies. Try it and see how easy it is to make your website a value-added resource for your customers. And don't forget-it's free!

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