Thursday, August 1, 2013 brings a universal language to online file conversion

Have you ever received an email attachment only to open it and find jumbled digital hieroglyphics?

The reason for this is likely because your computer does not have the software necessary to open that type of file and it attempted to view the file using an alternate program. To fix this problem, you will have to install additional software to your computer, further slowing its speed and risking installing all the irritating toolbars and desktop shortcuts that are inconveniently included in the software.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution. is an quick and easy file converter that takes an existing document and converts it to another format. The service is completely free and online, which means no money out of your pocket and never a need to download any additional software. When you receive a file that your computer is unable to read, simply upload it to and choose a new format. When the conversion is complete, download the file. It’s that easy. is a lifesaver for problems with incoming mail, but it can also help you be proactive against this problem happening to someone else. For example, there are a number of word processing applications available, including Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, and WordPerfect, to name a few. If you are sending an important document to a client, colleague, or even family member and want to be sure that the file will display properly, can quickly convert it to the more standard PDF format.

Computing is constantly evolving, but makes it easy for all computer users to interact with each other. It speaks the universal language of conversion! For more information on our file conversion or other file transfer services, contact us today!

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