Thursday, August 8, 2013

Why and How to Convert XLSX to PDF

Because of the many features found in Microsoft Office, and due to marketing muscle of the company that produces it, Office formats have become the standard in the business world. They have become so common that when people distribute documents or post them on the Internet for download, those files are often Office-compatible.

Unfortunately, Microsoft changed the default formats of its applications beginning with the 2007 version. In Excel 2007 for example, the format went from XLS to XLSX. Users who have older versions of Excel cannot read XLSX unless they upgrade to the later versions, or hassle with conversion programs.

If you the older Excel versions, or don’t own Excel at all, and receive the newer file, you can still read it if you convert XLSX to PDF. The PDF format requires no specific Microsoft Office programs to read. All you have to do is use our website to select the “XLSX to PDF” option. Then browse your computer and choose file that you want to convert. Finally, click the “Convert File to PDF” button and you’re done.

You are not restricted to converting Excel files. Our website can handle almost any Microsoft Office format as well as common options such as HTML and TXT. In addition, if you have the older Office versions, it can convert to older formats such as from XLSX to XLS. You can even add this conversion feature to your own website or blog for the benefit of your customers. All conversions are totally free and secure, and do not require you to register or give out your email address.

If you want more information on how we can help you with file conversion, please contact us.

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