Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to Open Docx Files Automatically by Double-Clicking Them

You may have decided to stick with your older version of Microsoft Word because you don't need all the new features, don't have money in the budget for an upgrade, or don't like how much longer it takes for the latest version load. If you have a version of Microsoft Word that is earlier than 2007, you've already discovered that it cannot open the docx format, which is the default for the latest software.

Of course, you can use our site,, to quickly and easily docx files to doc, but your version of Microsoft Word can read. However, this can get cumbersome quickly if you have several files to read. Isn’t it better to open a docx file just by double-clicking it so it loads into your favorite word-processing program?

With our docXConverter, you can do exactly that. Simply download and install the program to your desktop. All you have to do from this point on is double-click any docx file. It is automatically gets converted to RTF format, which can be read by many types of programs. The file then opens up in your version of Word, or in any program that you’ve defined for RTF files. The conversion preserves all styles, formatting, table, sections, objects, graphics, revision marks, headers and footers, among other document features.

Our docXConverter also lets you control several options such as where to save the converted file, what application to use for opening, and what messages you receive after the process. If you’re interested in testing docXConverter, you can download a trial version.

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