Friday, September 13, 2013

Manage Files Quickly and Easily by Converting Files to Docx

Staying on top of software updates is important to maintaining a good business. But with constantly changing formats, keeping all your documents straight can be a hassle – and that's not considering all the different formats there are in the first place! .doc, .pdf, .xls, .odt, .pptx, there's more than enough file extensions to make your head spin.
That's why for easy editing and uniform formatting, you can easily convert files to docx.
Offices with the new Microsoft Office suite will be using .docx. As companies upgrade their computers, doing business with offices using the new Microsoft Word becomes more and more likely. To make sure incoming and outgoing files are compatible, converting them to .docx is key. In fact, if any of your employees telecommute, home computers running a MS Word version different from yours can be a hassle. Making sure that you have an easy way to convert any files to a universally used format is key.

.docx makes editing files easier. If you have old .doc files you need to fix, or need to make changes to a .pdf, converting the file in question to .docx will make it compatible with your MS Word processor, making editing a breeze. Once the changes have been made, you can easily convert the file back to its original format, or change it to something more easily readable depending on where it needs to go.
In fact, you can do this with any file extension. To make a nicely finalized report, spreadsheets can be converted into .docx during drafting, and after final edits are made, the whole package can be converted to .pdf for presentation. .docx is one of the most flexible intermediate file formats available due to its ubiquity and ease of editing. provides free and secure conversion. Your files are encrypted and you get to choose how long they'll be available for. With over 150 free converters, is your one-stop destination for converting your documents. Visit our site now to easily convert any files you may have.

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