Friday, November 8, 2013

Tips for Maximizing the Efficiency of your File Converter

In today's high-speed, fast-paced business world, you can't afford not to be flexible. Versatility, then, is important in everything you do. Making sure you can have files ready in any format your team or clients and partners might need them at a moment's notice is integral. That's why having a good file converter is indispensable to any business.

Here are three tips for file conversion that every business owner should keep in mind:

Convert files to PDF when sending them out to clients and partners. Whether it's a Word document or image files, compiling it together into a PDF file presents a professional image while also making sure your clients and partners can access the file regardless of what operating system or device they may be using. You can also set these files to read-only, should you want them unedited, or create a fillable PDF if you would like your contact to provide you with any information.

Convert scanned images into PDF files for maximum utility. Instead of leaving scanned files as image files, convert them to PDF. This is especially useful for multipage files. Not only will this make navigating your virtual filing cabinet easier, it also makes them much more presentable when you need to send them to contacts.

Convert text files to older versions of MS Word if you or your contacts have older software. Sometimes you'll be doing business with people with older software - newer versions of Word take extra time for them to open, and often cannot be edited. To fix this, convert your text files to an older format for their benefit. This also works the other way around - if you're working with people who have a more recent Word format, convert to the newer .docx before sending files to them. is the free and easy way to convert your files. We support hundreds of different file formats, and keep your files securely in the cloud until you're ready to retrieve them. Visit our website today for all your file converting needs.

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