Friday, January 10, 2014

The Importance of Being Able to Convert docx to doc

So you wake up. Get in the car. Arrive to work five minutes late because of traffic. And then it hits you. You have a presentation in front of the board of directors in five minutes. As you scramble to your computer, a horror encroaches undeniably onto your thoughts. "I prepared this presentation at home in an obsolete version of Microsoft Word, because I am too cheap to buy the newest version of Microsoft Word for my home computer."While you stand there in a hall of empty cubicles whose occupants are patiently waiting for the work of your career, the only thought you can muster is, "Why did Microsoft ever invent a file called docx?" Don't be this person. Instead, learn how to convert docx to doc almost instantaneously with an online service designed specifically for this situation.

For many people, opening a DocX file is as easy as opening Microsoft Word. However, many companies neglect to frequently (or ever) update their Microsoft programs. According to, "The first option involving opening the DOCX file in its native program is preferable because it's both easier and will probably result in a more accurate file conversion. Of course if you don't have a program that opens DOCX files, a third-party file conversion tool (the second or third option) could be very useful." The problem with using other programs than the native program to open a Docx file is that there is no guarantee of a completely accurate conversion. With the online service provided by, this is simply not an issue. All of the file components are accurately translated into a format which does not change any of the data.
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