Friday, June 13, 2014

Why You Might Consider Converting an XLSX File to a PDF

Considering the multitude of technological devices available for individuals to choose from in our modern day and age, there are often situations when things aren't quite as easy as we would like.  For one example, let's look at one helpful tool that allows you to change a document from XLXS to PDF format very easily. To start, we will address the question of why you would do this?

As a refresher, the XLSX document is the Microsoft version of an Excel document, commonly used as a spreadsheet.  A few years ago, Microsoft changed the Office program giving the various types of document slightly different extensions.  The downside of this for the consumer resulted in not being capable of opening the new XLSX document if you had older versions of the software.  Along came online conversion software to the rescue that helped individuals open these new types of formats. The added benefit of online conversion capability is that you did not need to purchase new or additional software, and it was not necessary to download any new programs or software. Back to our original question of why you would want to do this.

Many people like to keep track of things in spreadsheets.  In one example, an older mom kept her grocery list in an Excel spreadsheet, making it simple for her to keep track of items, sort them and even print the list out. When the daughter went to the shopping, she didn't like to mess with a printed out list since she spent all her time on her smart phone. Converting mom's XLXS spreadsheet to a PDF file allowed the grocery list to be emailed to daughter's phone, and she could happily use that as she did the grocery shopping.  Most smartphone don't have office software, but converting any type of file to a PDF allows the document to be opened on the smartphone or tablet or other device that doesn't have the necessary software to open that particular type of file.

Another good reason to convert files to PDF is because the portable document files hence the name PDF, are much smaller in size and easier to transfer and email.  Taking up less space allows you  to email them quicker and store more easily since they take up much less room.  Learn more about converting the XLXS documents to PDF together with other possibilities for converting to different formats by contacting us.

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