Friday, June 6, 2014

A Tale of the docx to doc Conversion Process

It just so happens that once upon a time a disgruntled office worker decided that purchasing an updated version of Microsoft Word was simply not a viable option. Whether it is a budget strapped company that is trying to cut costs or simply the result of an underfunded department, being unable to convert docx to doc format can cause some serious issues. This instance may especially be true when collaborating with clients that have already upgraded and are using the docx format. By learning more about the docx to doc conversion process, resolving this issue should be achievable.

Diversity is an Important Situation
There are a wide variety of options available when it comes to effectively converting your word document. According to, "With the introduction of Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft introduced several Open Office XML formats. The version for Microsoft Word uses the suffix .docx. Although newer versions of Word, such as Word 2008 for Mac and Word 2010 can read this format, older versions of Word cannot, nor can many non-Microsoft word processing programs." When choosing a converter, it is important that it is able to effectively translate between a diverse array of formats.

Convenience is Important
Although with some classified documents it may not be wise to use an online converter service, the most convenient option is to use an online file converter which is free and capable of retaining the necessary formatting. Imagine running into a conversion issue directly before an important meeting or deadline. It would likely take much more time to effectively download and install conversion software than to convert the file with an online conversion service. Take the time to contact us at if you have any questions about the docx to doc conversion process.

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