Friday, April 25, 2014

The Wonders of an Online File Converter

While many authors may have ascribed their own personal list of world wonders, they may have conveniently forgotten to consider the wonders of the everyday person. Many people have found their everyday lives consistently occupied by performing tasks on computers or simply using them for entertainment or leisure. By learning how to utilize file converter technology, more efficiently utilizing your computer should be achievable in no time at all.

How File Incompatibility Problems Start
File incompatibility issues can begin from a numerous array of causes. Some of the most typical are a software update or downloading a file for which you do not have the correct software to open. In some cases, your computer may not have the minimum requirements to run an updated version of software or open specific files. However, the more typical problem is the fact that few computer users wish to spend money on new software just to open a specific type of file. Thus, a file converter provides a convenient and promising solution which doesn't waste time or money.

Changing A File Extension Does Not Change the Format
Many people think that they can successfully convert a file from one type to another by simply changing the extension. This is just not the case. According to FILExt, "First, a common misconception needs to be cleared: Changing the file extension on a file does nothing to the format of the file; it simply changes the name of the file. In order to change a file's format you must use some sort of conversion tool."

Accurate Conversion Without Malware Worries
The number one problem with file converter software and even many free online conversion services is malware and spyware infection. In some cases, these services may not even accurately convert all of the information in your file. At, our free file converter service is free of these issues and accuracy is on the dot. Take the time to contact us if you have any questions about our services.

Friday, April 18, 2014

How to Make PDF Files

PDF files are seen as the universal method for reading long documents which are often technical. However, when it comes to knowing how to make pdf files, it can be challenging to know which option is right for your specific needs. By learning about the various options available, converting information into an easily downloaded and readable format should be possible in no time at all.

Conversion with the Adobe Online Program
Although the most expensive of the available options, is a viable path for conversion of documents. The only problem with this is its cost. Their monthly online conversion package costs $7.50 a month, which can be quite an expense once you realize that the only option available is the annual package, which is a total of $90.00 USD a year. For those who rarely need to make PDF files, this is simply not realistic.

Convert from A Office Program
While you may lose some formatting with this option, it provides a quick fix which doesn't require access to the internet. The information is converted into html format, the format which is used for web pages. Adobe Acrobat is then able to convert this format into an Adobe file. The only problem with this method is if you don't have Adobe Acrobat. You can download the free Adobe reader, but this program will not be able to convert the information. According to How Stuff Works, "In order to create and view a PDF, you must have the proper software installed. The most well-known PDF-creation software is Adobe Acrobat. Although you must purchase this software, Adobe offers a free PDF viewer called Adobe Reader.

Choose A Free Online Conversion Service
If you do not wish to purchase any software, a free online conversion service is your best bet. Take the time to contact us at if you have any questions about how to make PDF files.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tips for Successfully Learning to Open Docx Files

When it comes to opening a docx file with outdated word processor software, there is simply a plethora of issues that are possible to run into. In these advanced technological times, being unable to access files due to their format is simply unacceptable. By learning some tips and strategies for how to successfully open docx files, avoiding this inconvenience should be achievable.

Ensure File Association is Correct
The easiest way to fail when it comes to opening docx files is by associating a file type with the wrong program. According to Adobe, "After receiving an email with a docx file attachment, I was unable to open it. The error message says, Adobe Reader cannot open ....docx either because it is not a supported file type or the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded). This is a very important document and more may follow soon." This user failed to realize that docx files are not meant to be opened using Adobe software. Either they had previously directed their computer to open docx files with this software or it was for some reason inherently programmed. Always direct a word processes to open the docx file format.

Online Converters Often Beat the Hassle of Software Downloads
In many instances you may be in a situation where a deadline is imminent, which removes the possibility of downloading software in time. An online converter is optimal in such a situation because it will not only convert a docx file to the necessary format in seconds, it will also complete the task accurately. Take the time to contact us at if you have any questions about learning how to open docx files.

Friday, April 4, 2014

File Conversion Tips: xlsx to pdf

There are as many different files extensions as there are file converters. With Convert-Doc's simple online file conversion tool, though, you can quickly and easily convert any files you might need. With so many different file types to choose from, though, how do you know which file type to use?

Today, we'll look at the benefits of converting xlsx to pdf.

If you use a PC and have the Microsoft Office suite, you're fairly familiar with Excel files. These spreadsheets are great for managing personal finances, and are an important tool for just about any business. Whether you run a corner store or a multimillion dollar corporation, you use Excel.

The problem with Excel is that it can be very confusing to outside viewers. There's plenty of numbers and endless rows and columns of numbers, charts, and color coding. How can you make something like this accessible to business partners or clients?

The easy answer: convert the file into a PDF document instead.
PDF documents are very easy to open and read - especially if the party you're sending the file to uses a Mac or otherwise doesn't have Microsoft Office installed.

Not only does PDF improve the readability of your Excel documents, it can also make the files secure. PDF files are generally read-only, so you can be sure nobody can make unauthorized changes to your data. Even better yet, since you're only sending out a PDF copy, your Excel sheets are safe and sound on your hard drive. You can even password protect the copies you send out to safeguard important information.

No matter what kind of files you need to convert, use our free online file converters. Better yet - bookmark our page, and you'll never have to hunt for another file converter again!

Friday, March 28, 2014

What Are The Benefits You Gain When You Make PDF Files?

Creating a PDF file is a good way to share all of your creations, ideas, and other things so they will not be changed without leaving some kind of electronic footprint. When you make pdf files they can be viewed and accepted by any country in the world. So no matter where you send the PDF file, it can be opened all over the world.

A PDF format is feasible and budget-friendly because the documents are stored on a server. This gets rid of the need to add additional hardware to your company's environment. You would probably need the extra hard drive space though, but that would only be the additional hardware that you need. Since the PDF files will be stored on the servers of the company, it gives an opportunity for outstanding integration on any type of network.

When you make PDF files they can be made with a range of security features. You can create access control in a number of ways. If you need extra file security, you can make the file encrypted, and you can also add extra security by adding a password.
The ability to add security protection is only one of the benefits of PDF files. There are other added benefits of using PDF files.

As long as your device has all of the necessary tools and software to read the PDF files, and there is an abundance of software available on the market that has the ability to read those files, you will be able to read the files from wherever your location is.

When you convert your document into a PDF file from another source, such as Microsoft Word, all of the texts. graphics, and other visual elements will be preserved. The visual elements in the document will be converted effortlessly.

A great advantage of PDF files is that can be viewed on the well-known software called Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be installed for free on every PC, and it can even be installed on a number of mobile devices. It gives you the ability to share your documents with people within your business, and those outside of your business. It also helps that it will cost you no added expenses.

Contact us with any questions you may have about why making PDF files can add benefits to your business.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Tips for When it Comes Time to Convert Files Docx

For those who wish to convert files docx, it can often be challenging to know exactly which strategy is the most efficient one to follow. There are a plethora of options available, and within each option is another string of possibilities. By learning more about converting files from doc to docx or docx to doc, choosing the right path should be achievable.

Downloadable Software Can have Disadvantages
It is often possible to download software which will be of assistance when it comes time to convert files docx. However, this option can have multiple disadvantages. For example, if you don't have Microsoft Word, the conversion package available for software such as Open Office will often fail to correctly convert the file, resulting in formatting issues and even missing information. Other downloadable converters may have their own issues as well, such as installing spyware or malware on your computer which can be difficult to remove.

Online File Conversion
In many instances it may be inconvenient to download a file converter. Online file conversion allows you to quickly convert files and analyze the results. Choose a service that is free and provides a large array of conversion options.

Look for Unique Conversion Options
Unique conversion options often provide an array of advantages that typical converters may lack. According to, "Some free document converters can even convert image formats with text information to actual text-based files, allowing you to edit information you couldn't before. This is called optical character recognition (OCR)." Extra options can never hurt, especially if you need to edit information which typically is not convertible.

Be sure to contact us at if you have any questions about tips for when it comes time to convert files docx.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Making Life Easier with an Online File Converter

As the pace of technological advancement speeds up, more unknown and rarely used file formats seem to haunt computer users. Nothing is more frustrating than just having finished a download to find that you need a specific type of software to open the file. File type is typically denoted by the characters after the file name. According to, "A file extension is the last three or four characters after the period that make up an entire file name. The file extension helps the operating system determine which program on your computer the file is associated with." By learning more about utilizing an online file converter, avoiding such issues should be achievable.

Choose A Quality Conversion Service
Nothing is worse than going through the process to convert a file only to find that parts are converted incorrectly or that some information is missing entirely. Although finding such a service may take some trial and error, it is typically possible to investigate reviews, how long the website has been operational and the number of file conversion options that are available. Avoid low quality services that may require you to complete an offer or install specific software on your computer, as this may result in malware or even identity theft.

Look for Speed and File Size Capacity
In most instances users turn to an online file converter because it is typically the quickest and easiest option for file conversion. However, a low conversion speed negates the convenience. Although the conversion speed will depend on the size and type of file, aim for a service that can accommodate your needs in a reasonable amount of time. Some conversion services also have a file size limit, which can make it impossible to convert some of your larger files.

Take the time to contact us at if you have any questions about making your life easier with an online file converter.