Saturday, October 26, 2013

Are You A Small Business Who Wishes You Could Afford To Make PDF Files?

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses just starting out struggle to get up and running and operate efficiently on a shoestring budget. In many of these situations their business plan or "wish list" includes the ability to make pdf files, which most people recognize as the best format to use for documents that need to be shared. Let's take a closer look at just exactly why it is important to have the ability to create portable document files and learn the secret to move this one item up your list to make it a number one priority and reality.

Consider the name of this format for documents - portable document file. The name explains a lot, as this type of format was developed to make them easier to share, portable, easy to be carried or moved because it is smaller and lighter. As technology and the era of computers and the Internet advanced, the sharing or exchanging of documents rapidly advanced in popularity together with the ability to save time and quickly move these documents from one place to another. The PDF format allowed this to occur, by creating a smaller document that could be quickly and easily emailed and exchanged across the Internet.  Not only that, but this format was uniform, meaning that everyone who had the ability to open the document (more on that later) would see the identical document as was originally intended to be seen.  This eliminated the problems that sometimes were encountered when people had different brands or versions of a particular type of software used for that type of document.

Back in the day, the PDF documents could only be created by a special type of software that was quite complex and often very expensive making it difficult to be obtained by someone with a smaller budget.  Not only that, but in order to open, or read the document a user needed to have a special type of viewer, or reader, to successfully open the document. Those proud owners of the expensive software that could create those PDF documents could also open and read them, but those who were not as fortunate needed to obtain, download and install the special "reader" application. Luckily, that reader app was/is free, which is a very good thing for many struggling businesses.

In fact, the concept of "free software," or the ability to use web based software to perform a conversion to a format caught on and became so popular that it is now possible to create PDF documents without having to invest in special high-priced software. We told you we had a secret to share with you, so talk with us to learn how you can be creating your own PDF documents without purchasing special software, or get answers to your questions about this when you simply contact us.

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