Friday, October 4, 2013

Share Financial Reports Easily by Converting XLSX to PDF

As a small business owner, or perhaps a charitable foundation volunteer, or maybe just within your own individual budgeting & financial planning life, you ended up having to bite the bullet and purchase Microsoft Excel to allow you to prepare even the most basic financial reports. It is a powerful tool used universally and is certainly the gold standard when it comes to sharing such information. Not only can it run every calculation on large pools of data imaginable, but the graphing presentations help to simplify the most complex data for even the non-accounting minded user.

Once you have created your reports or graphs though, how do you share with people especially remotely? Excel was recently upgraded and, most critically, the file extension was changed from .xls to .xslxand this creates a problem if other people don’t have the latest version as many features – particularly of graphs – will not translate well. You also may need to send to Mac users and then again the presentation may be limited. Plus, there are times when you don’t necessarily want other viewers to be able to make any changes or see the inner workings of the calculations for privacy reasons.

All of this leads you to that other universal file format – PDF. If you convert xlsx to pdf you can be assured that anyone who receives it can open it since Adobe Reader is a free software platform, and you will know that your file will be presented with all the full throated features of the latest version of Excel in place.

Again though, as someone without a big money corporate budget, you want to be able to handle these sorts of file conversions as cheaply as possible. How about free? Our website can convert any type of Microsoft Office file, including all of the latest versions, to PDF completely free. There is also an option to convert to older versions of Excel and to covert HTML or TXT files to PDF.

Every conversion is completely free and secure without having to provide an email address or fill out any registration forms. Please contact us for more information.

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