Friday, October 11, 2013

Why Convert DOC to PDF

You've discovered many advantages to distributing written materials to customers, suppliers, and co-workers as files using email or download links on your website. This method saves you printing and mailing costs, lets you make quick changes to the doc file and re-post it, and takes up no physical storage space in your workplace.

You may have used Microsoft Word to produce your DOC file because the software lets you to create sophisticated tables, control the size and appearance of text, and define the layout of images and paragraphs. The DOC format has become the standard for documents so almost any word-processing program can open it.

Unfortunately, unless someone has the exact same system setup that you do, your carefully formatted pages may look different when your recipient opens them. The software he uses may have different standards for sizing text and laying out pages, and the computer he uses may start substituting fonts that aren't available. The bottom line is that your pages may break in the middle of images or paragraphs, making you document hard to read.

You can avoid this problem by converting your DOC to PDF, which can be opened by anyone who downloads the free Adobe Reader application. The PDF standard preserves your layout and paging exactly, ensuring that who ever receives your file sees it exactly as you formatted it. Our website lets you do this conversion for free. It also handles other types of Microsoft Office files such as XLS, making it your perfect one-stop conversion platform. Please contact us to see how we can help you.

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