Sunday, September 29, 2013

Three Reasons to make PDF your export file format of choice

There aren't many file formats that are quite as versatile as PDF. PDF, or Portable Document Format, was first released by Adobe Systems in 1993, and has since gone on to become a backbone of the office world.

If you need to create an easy to use and access file, make PDF your number one choice.  Here are some of the great benefits that have made PDF as widely used as it is:

PDF is a universal format: Since PDF files are generated in the same format regardless of your operating system or software, and can be read on any system with the proper readers, it's accessible to everyone, regardless of hardware or operating system. This makes PDF a great intermediate file format when sending files to other parties.

PDF presents a professional image: PDF is the perfect format for sending out invoices or reports. Since it's secure and can be set to read-only, it presents information the receiver might need, without chances that the data is compromised. Additionally, since it preserves all visual elements included in the original file format, it's perfect for adding images, charts, and tables to a report.

PDF allows for file compression: PDF lowers the size of files, making their transfer much quicker and easier. A Word document with images, charts, and tables quickly becomes large and unwieldy – it takes a long time to attach and send, takes longer to download, and loads slowly when opened. PDF files keep all the same elements, but can be as much as 8 times smaller than the original file.

Convert-Doc provides free and secure file conversion services. If you need to convert files into .pdf for any reason, visit our site.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

How to Convert Files to DOCX

If you have older files on your computer, they may be outdated file types such as DOC files; rather than modern DOCX files. If this is the case, you may have had difficulty reading or opening these files as some newer computers are not capable of processing these types of documents. If you run across this problem when trying to open files that were saved under older file types, you may find it necessary to convert these files to modern DOCX files. However, this process can be confusing if you have never tried to convert your files. To help you with this process, here are the easiest ways to convert files to DOCX.

The easiest way to convert old files to DOCX is by saving the file as another format. Simply open the file using its default program. Next, click on save and when the save box opens you will see a tab that says “save as type” under where you see the files name. Click the drop-down menu, and you will be able to save the document as a DOCX file.

It is often not that easy to convert older files to DOCX though. Often times people run across the problem that they are not able to open an older file because their computer does not have the ability to open it. In this case, you will need to download a program that will convert the files you cannot open to DOCX, which will then give you the ability to view these files.

If you are looking for a program that will allow you to convert your old files to DOCX contact us.

Our DOCX converter is easy to use, and it allows you to control where the converted file is saved as well as what program is used to open the converted file.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Manage Files Quickly and Easily by Converting Files to Docx

Staying on top of software updates is important to maintaining a good business. But with constantly changing formats, keeping all your documents straight can be a hassle – and that's not considering all the different formats there are in the first place! .doc, .pdf, .xls, .odt, .pptx, there's more than enough file extensions to make your head spin.
That's why for easy editing and uniform formatting, you can easily convert files to docx.
Offices with the new Microsoft Office suite will be using .docx. As companies upgrade their computers, doing business with offices using the new Microsoft Word becomes more and more likely. To make sure incoming and outgoing files are compatible, converting them to .docx is key. In fact, if any of your employees telecommute, home computers running a MS Word version different from yours can be a hassle. Making sure that you have an easy way to convert any files to a universally used format is key.

.docx makes editing files easier. If you have old .doc files you need to fix, or need to make changes to a .pdf, converting the file in question to .docx will make it compatible with your MS Word processor, making editing a breeze. Once the changes have been made, you can easily convert the file back to its original format, or change it to something more easily readable depending on where it needs to go.
In fact, you can do this with any file extension. To make a nicely finalized report, spreadsheets can be converted into .docx during drafting, and after final edits are made, the whole package can be converted to .pdf for presentation. .docx is one of the most flexible intermediate file formats available due to its ubiquity and ease of editing. provides free and secure conversion. Your files are encrypted and you get to choose how long they'll be available for. With over 150 free converters, is your one-stop destination for converting your documents. Visit our site now to easily convert any files you may have.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Simple Conversion from docx to doc

With the shifting of Microsoft Word into a new generation of processing, a lot of users of the older Microsoft Office suite might not be familiar with the differences of .docx to .doc. Anyone who is using a version of Microsoft Word before 2007 will be more familiar with the .doc format. However, anything after this year will be defaulted to save as a .docx format. The actual differences in these two forms are relatively menial and primarily relate only to compatibility issues. But, if you try to open a .docx document in a Microsoft Word processor earlier than 2007, then you will know how frustrating such a minor difference in format can be.

There are several ways that you can convert a .docx to .doc format document. Of course, the easiest is to manually “Save As… .doc” in the actual file on MS Word 2007 or newer. However, if you do not have access to a newer MS Office Suite, then you will have to rely on one of the other ways to convert a document.

There are many online converters that can be utilized for just such an occasion. If you have a .docx document that you cannot read or your computer cannot open, then you can download one of these converters, many of which can facilitate the conversion of many file formats into a overabundance of various scripts. Of course, if you are only looking for .docx to .doc, then you will not have much trouble in finding a converter for this purpose.

Other converters still can be found directly online, allowing you to convert such a document without downloading a thing. Online conversion is easily the most simplistic way to convert this kind of file and with the emergence of this technology, a simple problem of having the wrong version of MS Word should no longer be an issue.

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

How to Convert Forms for your Website from doc to pdf

It can possibly be said that in the computer world there are two main languages – Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF. Unfortunately, the two do not often speak the same language. If you are in the business of creating websites that require forms to be downloaded, then you know that eventually everything you create needs to end up in PDF format. More specifically, there is a high need to be able to convert from Word doc to pdf without purchasing expensive software upgrades.

Adobe’s PDF document format is the standard for sharing documents across the internet thanks to its universal compatibility. PDF files are viewable across more pieces of software and more devices than any other file format. For maximum security and reliable print formatting, it is the best to use on any website platform.

On the flip side, there is possibly nothing better than Microsoft Word for document design and creation. Almost every computer has some version of Word installed and the .doc format is pretty much a worldwide standard. Order forms, applications, flyers, newsletters and many other types of documents gathering and transmitting information are created with ease in Word.

The problem then, is how to best present the finished document on your website for easy viewing, downloading, or sharing via email. Very few home computer owners have the expensive Adobe Acrobat software installed. Particularly if you work for a non-profit, are starting your own company or are a volunteer for a community organization, you don’t have the budget to purchase anything extra.

That is where a site like is a huge benefit. Their free file conversion tool will generate a pdf file instantly. The most novice computer user can successfully convert a Word doc to a PDF in minutes and get back to business of running their business!

All file conversions – and there are many other formats available – are completely free and secure. For more information, please contact us.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to Open Docx Files Automatically by Double-Clicking Them

You may have decided to stick with your older version of Microsoft Word because you don't need all the new features, don't have money in the budget for an upgrade, or don't like how much longer it takes for the latest version load. If you have a version of Microsoft Word that is earlier than 2007, you've already discovered that it cannot open the docx format, which is the default for the latest software.

Of course, you can use our site,, to quickly and easily docx files to doc, but your version of Microsoft Word can read. However, this can get cumbersome quickly if you have several files to read. Isn’t it better to open a docx file just by double-clicking it so it loads into your favorite word-processing program?

With our docXConverter, you can do exactly that. Simply download and install the program to your desktop. All you have to do from this point on is double-click any docx file. It is automatically gets converted to RTF format, which can be read by many types of programs. The file then opens up in your version of Word, or in any program that you’ve defined for RTF files. The conversion preserves all styles, formatting, table, sections, objects, graphics, revision marks, headers and footers, among other document features.

Our docXConverter also lets you control several options such as where to save the converted file, what application to use for opening, and what messages you receive after the process. If you’re interested in testing docXConverter, you can download a trial version.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Why Make PDF Files?

If you use standard formats such as DOC for word-processing or XLS for spreadsheets, you’re probably comfortable in distributing documents with those formats. After all, don’t most people have access to applications that can read them? And if they don’t, can’t they use free applications, such as OpenOffice, or sites, such as Google Docs, to open the files?

Actually, the PDF format offers several advantages beyond having documents that can be opened and read by anyone:
  • Preserve layouts and formatting. If you spent any time at all adjusting the look of your pages, you want a reader to view them exactly as you’ve laid them out. If they download and print a DOC or XLS file, the paging and line breaks will be off since they won’t have the exact same printer and font setup that you do. Only PDF preserves your layout without changes.
  • Allow interactivity. PDFs allow hyperlinks, multimedia, text notes and markups within the file. They can even include forms that a recipient can fill, or that can import and export data
  • Include all subordinate files in one location. To minimize file size, you may have included references to external charts, pictures and other files in your document. If you send the document itself without remembering to include all the subordinate files, your recipient will see blank spaces or errors where the missing files go. A PDF files automatically sucks up all the inclusions and puts them in their proper places.
  • Prohibit changes. If a document must remain unchanged, such as for a court of law, then the PDF format meets that requirement by being “read only.” No one can change the file without leaving an electronic sign that it has been altered.
Our website offers a free and convenient way to make PDF files from many standard formats. Why not check it out?